Friday, August 14, 2015

steve and becky's extended future inside a subaru forester

we are headed back to the lakes y'all!

it's pretty hard to believe, but we've officially lived in houston for a solid 13 months now.  there's lots to love (frost-free winter and cheap groceries) and some stuff we might not really say we love (dear houston:  zoning laws exist for a reason, and jungle animals are not pets).  but the fact remains for all our road trips exploring texas, we genuinely haven't been north of college station since attending my cousin's kzoo wedding in october 2014!

one of the big bummers about our drive down when we moved here was that it was, well... moving.  we drove in separate cars, steve dragging our uhaul, and i attempting to keep the cat from getting stuck between all the junk we had packed in the cab of my car.  the only chances we had to talk about the landscape comprised of angry discussions about last minute lane changes in memphis and my unwillingness to eat church's chicken in the middle of arkansas.

labor day weekend, however, we will embark on a road trip twice as extreme (literally the round trip version of our drive from ann arbor to htown).  we're so excited for our first big trip since greece and can't wait to see everyone we're missing up north!  here's a look at what we're doing:

 saturday, september 5, 2015
drive from houston to the vibrant city of poplar bluff, missouri

sunday, september 6, 2015
drive from poplar bluff, missouri to steven's point, wisconsin... where....

our bffs, the new MR. AND MRS. John and Saki L. are currently living!!  John and Saki eloped in july and ever since we have been dying to celebrate with them (and, of course, we've been dying to see them ever since we moved)!  we'll be spending all of labor day up in wisconsin with them; long weekends rule!

tuesday, september 8, 2015
leave steven's point, wisconsin and drive to kalamazoo, michigan!!  with luck we might be able to say hello to some of our chicago friends on the way.

throughout the week we'll be visiting with family, chasing down our friends spread across the state, and definitely going to lake michigan!

friday, september 11, 2015
friday evening we'll head to ann arbor in anticipation of the first home football game the following day.  after a couple of attempts to book a place via airbnb, only to have 3 owners cancel my reservation and take weeks to refund my payment, (it is written:  becky is NOT impressed with her first airbnb venture) we ultimately opted to get a hotel in livonia, where the radius of the football-weekend hotel room price gauge ended.

sunday, september 13, 2015
it's our first anniversary! awww!  (which means it's nobody's business where we'll be or what we'll be doing so let's carry on)

monday, september 14, 2015
drive to birmingham alabama

tuesday september 15, 2015
drive from birmingham alabama to houston!  (in this stretch we'll drive through the 45th state i'll have visited: mississippi!  only oregon, oklahoma, north dakota, alaska, and hawaii to go!)

then we'll power through a 3 day work week and probably sleep for the entire weekend after.  but we cannot wait!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

our little herb terrarium

after finding this awesome glass terrarium while thrifting with my friend lucy, it sat in our living room for a while gradually collecting bits and pieces that did not fall into categories of "immediately useful" or "garbage."  last weekend steve and i decided to go to home depot and find some little herbs to grow on our balcony.  we'll see how they do in the houston heat, but it sure is a cute little addition to our patio!

the labels i designed myself, but feel free to steal them and print your own!  (i used translucent label paper).

Saturday, July 18, 2015

sam houston national forest

some folks down here in texas have a hard time believing how much steve and i like the weather.  true, it's hot, but when it comes to being outside, hot is my preference.

earlier today we sweat it out at the sam houston national forest, which is about an hour north of where we are in the city.  we've driven through it before but hadn't found a place to park and hike until today when we set out on the peaceful hiking trails through the enormous trees and along lake conroe.  the woods felt like a fairytale, we even found a troll hidden in the a tree!  after today a little stone cottage out in the woods seems like just what we need.

 {xoxo - b}

Thursday, July 2, 2015


tralala summer's here, hard to believe it's nearly a year since steve and i moved down to texas.  things lately consist of much happiness.  steve and i both had four day work weeks, which is a pretty big deal for me since it means i actually had a work week because of my new job.  you might be able to tell from the balloons and big smile that it's a pretty awesome addition to life.  austin is definitely still my fave but i'm starting to warm up to life in houston (rightly so, it was 95 degrees today).

i have to admit, i'm still not complaining about the heat.  i don't miss winter one little bit.  for the most part lately we've been soaking up summer, hanging out poolside, taking day-trips to waterfalls, starting a routine, and chilling with our local pals (oh my god friends.  we have them here!  hoorah!)

we've decided that we'll be renewing our lease, which means we will finally be breaking the pattern of moving every single year! GAHH!!  in light of this we will be purging the apartment hard and hopefully making it a sane place to live (or at least as sane as 750 square feet can be).  i spend a lot of time on zillow checking out houses in metro austin.  i'm kind of obsessed with texas guys.

for now though houston is doing pretty well by us.  it kind of feels like we're hitting our stride and in a direction i'm excited about.  and the way there is a ton of fun lately.  i can't oversell it guys:  we're always happy to have visitors!  we can promise lots of fun!  all we need is a little less rain i think.

most exciting is our plan to travel up north this fall to visit friends, see a football game, and celebrate our anniversary (wait already, seriously?).  yesss we are headed up north starting labor day weekend and are planning a great trip between michigan and wisconsin!  i super can't wait for the cross country road trip where we can actually share a car!

otherwise we are celebrating our lease renewal with a deep clean and decor change... we'll see how it all turns out.

xoxo - b

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tropical Storm Bill

Today we're advised to stay inside and avoid the roads since we're apt to get some more extreme flooding with Tropical Storm Bill heading toward the coast.  Hopefully we, nor our possessions float away, but should that happen, at least I've let you see this gif I made of my dad (Bill) and the weather radar map.

Friday, May 29, 2015

flashback friday youtube edition

spent last night rewatching the extended selfie style videos i used to make in my dorm room in college on my macbook.  they filled me with cheer.