Monday, July 7, 2014

it's that time again

the time when i ignore blogging because my apartment looks like this, i'm officially unemployed, and we are leaving thursday to move ~1200 miles to houston, tx.  bert is already traumatized.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

pretty lake farm pictures

last weekend we spent saturday up at the cottage my parents rent between muskegon and ludington.  i'm sure you'll see more pictures of this soon, but in the meantime, here are the iphone shots we got when we spent sunday at the summer camp where steve's mom works.

we went kayaking in the early afternoon, which we didn't photograph due to wetness and such, but after our tour of the lake we headed out to the farm located on the camp property and met some goats, donkeys, and chickens.  steve came away with a farm fresh egg and we nibbled on a few of the strawberries that hadn't been picked by the campers.

afterwards we had dinner at an authentic mexican restaurant so steve and i could compare how it stacks up to the houston tex-mex.  regardless, we're definitely going to try and imitate the recipe for their homemade lime water!  so good!

Monday, June 30, 2014

'vintage' is not the same as 'twee'

the internet, much like william shakespeare, has a remarkable way of transforming the english language.  take the adjective 'pretentious.'  until recently, the word was used to describe excessively unjustified statements, but after enough angry internetters (pretentiously) misused the term to mean "rude in a smart-sounding way," the online dictionaries have added a second definition to mean something along the lines of "showy and ostentatious."

nowadays, etsy, pinterest, bhldn, and modcloth have taken the internet by storm to gradually change the word "vintage."  now, i am far from a thrifting queen.  i no longer scour the hip second-hand stores for chic vintage finds the way some other amazing bloggers do.  but i've noticed over time, and when searching for a "something old" to wear at my wedding, the term "vintage" no longer means, well, "vintage."  nowadays it seems to exist as a synonym for "stylish, sentimental somewhat distressed, rustic, anthropologie-approved cute."  once upon a time, it was oxymoronic to say "make this DIY vintage brooch."  nowadays it is simply an extra word to reassure you your lacy burlap something or other is adequately precious.

alas, this post isn't so much a critique as an observation.  it's not really that hard to change my search keywords from 'vintage' to 'antique.'  still, much like one's inner child, i possess an inner senior citizen who sighs in vague disappointment when i see that we're even co-opting everyday language to better suit our throwaway culture.  want a vintage band tee shirt?  don't worry, we've got forever 21 sweat shops who can make you one for $15.80.  now get your adorable, brand new vintage chelsea crew oxfords off my lawn.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

sarah's wedding: photo theft edition

sibling photobomb!
the great thing about facebook is i can still have a blog even when i don't take all the pictures!  thanks to my mom, my brother's partner david, and college friend teresa for documenting all the fun!

i'll probably continue with wedding photo overkill once my sister's friend and photographer, oliver, gets her some digital images.  such a good day to remember, it's definitely worth the excess of pictures!