Friday, November 13, 2015

road trip photos [part last]

over first wedding anniversary happened while we were on the road home from michigan in september.  we stopped in bardstown kentucky where we had an adorable little cottage booked and where we enjoyed too much dom perignon and veuve cliquot and where we reheated all of our billions of leftovers from the epic eating fest that was our trip up north.

we spent the last leg of our trip in new orleans where some kind of crazy kayak deal got us a room at le pavillion hotel, but where we were unfortunately just too exhausted to do much beyond collapse on our luxuriously smooshy bed.  we didn't even get a chance to take advantage of the hotel's outrageous quirks and services like unlimited pb & j or the drawn bath service with a history of hotel hauntings on a wax sealed scroll, a bottle of wine and your own voodoo doll (seriously).  

anywho, we'll be back up north at christmas time, but these days we're really digging the beautiful november weather in houston!  can't wait for thanksgiving with sarah, dave, josh & lucy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

halloweekend in ATX

bits and pieces include:

austin texas is my favorite city in the US of A.

new life goal is to grow old nestled into the hills near lake travis.

i've been on a white wine kick lately... it's odd, but let's go with it.

howling fantods also come in the form of edward gorey spoof tarot cards.

recipe invention goals:
"accurate replica of fricano's meatballs," 
"some kind of apple and possibly other fruit crisp"
"suspicious casserole"

Saturday, October 3, 2015

a list of general bummers

1.  midtown, houston.
2.  suddenly neither netflix nor amazon prime are showing the ken burns jazz documentary anymore.

otherwise stuff is decent.