Friday, October 24, 2014

wedding programs world-life and whatnot

obviously i fell off the grid before the wedding because i was busy doing things like cutting my fingers open with kitchen scissors while trying to tie 200 black ribbons on 200 printed programs. steve’s and my wedding programs were a shameless DIY rip off of these programs from etsy. i loved the way they look, but I felt the call of the DIY fairy and believed programs were an appropriate place to try my hand (because if I totally screwed them up they were only programs after all… also there’s a pun in there somewhere about ‘trying my hand’ what with how much my hand was bleeding from that scissors hack job). the interior and exterior spreads i designed in photoshop, then i had them printed by uprinting, and then spent a couple evenings binge watching jersey shore and tearing through ribbon like it was my job.

speaking of things that are my job: let’s talk about the other reason i was so M.I.A. before steve and i tied the knot. since coming to texas i have more than 20 job interviews of varying nature, and let me tell you i am still really really sick of recounting the professional version of my life story (which is still ongoing as people at my new office introduce themselves). though some of the hiring (or not-hiring) experiences were more horrific than others and though i’ve had my hands full since the wedding trying to juggle offers, i’m finally standing on stable ground with an awesome marketing job at a construction company less than a mile from where we live (in houston a commute of this scope is kind of a big deal). i’m still getting used to going to work every day again (alas, no more leisurely days of late morning gym, early afternoon pool time with infinite jest, cleaning, errands, and dinner-cookin’… sigh… housewifery suited me) but i’m loving the chance to get dressed up again, and i love being up for espresso and green smoothies in the morning with stevedor.

on the subject of green smoothies both combos below (which really yield more like brown smoothies) are both super yum:

2 cups spinach

4 pineapple spears

3 cups frozen cherry berry mix

2 cups almond milk


2 cups spinach

1 orange

1 peach

1 pineapple spear

2 cups frozen berries

2 cups almond milk

now that our wedding is done it feels like steve and i are fresh turn of the century immigrants off the boat on the atlantic coast staring west across the country. between the move, the wedding, the honeymoon, and the job hunt it doesn’t seem like we’ve had a chance to actually think about anything else, such as “what do we do now?” now that we’re lucky enough to be two, happy, married, stable, employed, cat-owning adults in a fairly new part of the country the world kind of feels like our oyster, all we have to do is decide what kind of adventure to have next.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

vintage street style

life magazine sponsored by is running a collection of photos featuring high schoolers' fashion choices in the year 1969.  it's pretty awesome and worth checking out.  view the slideshow here.

Friday, October 17, 2014

coconut peach green smoothie

so i've decided to give the whole green smoothie thing a try and i'm also trying to get back to blogging a little more normally these days now that the move/wedding/honeymoon thing is FINALLY over.

don't get me wrong: i'm not trying to become a health nut, but in my feeble attempts to eat my fruits and vegetables i wish i had someone telling me "this makes a decent smoothie," or "this does not make a decent smoothie."

i'm not digging the texture banana can produce thus far, but today's smoothie without banana was worth reproducing.  it was based on this recipe from over at, but i tweaked it to this based on there being no fresh or frozen peaches at trader joes and the fact that pineapple is delicious:

2 cups spinach
2 cups canned peaches
2 spears pineapple
1 orange
1 can coconut milk (13.5 oz)

twas good.  would recommend.  (bear in mind that i like coconut quite a bit).

Thursday, October 16, 2014


there are a lot of ways you can travel between the greek islands if you ever decide to make the best choice ever and go.  the best methods probably depend on how much time you have in greece to spend getting from place to place.  steve and i experimented with almost every option, standard ferry, high speed ferry, and a flight via agean airlines.

more on options 2 and 3 later, but if you are planning to travel from athens to santorini i must insist you take the standard (read: not high speed) ferry.  when i booked our tickets on the blue star ferries out to santorini i was a bit worried by the 8 hour sailing time.  not only does 8 hours on a boat seem potentially claustrophobic, but when you're in a place as amazing as greece you don't want to waste an extra moment cooped up en route to your destination.

little did i know the blue star ferries are like a day trip attraction unto themselves.  this is not your average ferry boat.  our ship, the blue star delos (though we booked our tickets for the blue star naxos so i'm not sure why the name swap) was really more like a luxury cruise line.  besides it being the only ferry with open air seating (as opposed to the high speed lines) we had no idea it would also be stopping at ports on the islands of paros, naxos, and ios before docking in santorini.  basically we got a espresso and photo filled boat tour of the cyclades before getting to our second hotel.  it was such a wonderful surprise!

after a very early morning cab ride from our parthenon hotel to the port of pireaus, we watched the sunrise over athens as we headed out into the agean sea and ate breakfast and lunch on the ferry getting the grand tour of other islands we know we'll need to return and check out.  since we were up so early it was a welcome benefit that there were coffee shops all over the boat and the weather shifted from a pleasant morning breeze to sun that made the water around us glitter.  the view from the ferry approaching santorini was absolutely breathtaking and when we rode in our hotel shuttle up from the port to fira we got our first unbelievable view of the caldera from over the cliff.

more to come!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

a day in athens

here's some pictures from our day exploring athens on our honeymoon.  our hotel could not have been more conveniently located right in the thick of the plaka district.  we were literally staying right around the corner from the acropolis.  i cannot say enough good things about all the hotels on our trip to greece.  if you are visiting athens, looking for a fantastic value in the best tourist location in town be sure to check out the airotel parthenon.

i really can't rave enough about the weather we were lucky enough to experience during our vacation.  as you can see athens was no exception.  we spent the day trekking up to see the ruins on the acropolis, pondering deep socratic thoughts in the ancient agora, indulging in souvlaki gyros and greek beer, and admiring the ancient statues in the acropolis and agora museums.

it's hard to believe the trip only got better from here, but we started on a high note and just kept going.  honeymoons should last forever amiright?