Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a wave from afar

i'm in a big time funk lately.  i'm attempting to shuffle the cards and will have to see what this means in terms of the future of this blog.  we have a lot on our plates right now and while i don't, at this time, have any intention of calling it quits for good around here i'm attempting to figure out what i'm doing, where it's going, and what i'm here to say.

there's a solid chance this blog will either be undergoing a pretty serious content-facelift or a possibility it will serve as more of a facebook photo album substitute.  until i've figured out the level of thought-disclosure i want to share with this audience i may be quiet on posting.

best to all who read! xo

Monday, April 14, 2014

greek travel PSA: don't be a pain in the ass!!

in psyching up for our upcoming honeymoon i came across a message worth sharing!

the mule taxis of santorini are one of the most iconic activities on the island.  tourists traveling from the port of fira up the cliff to the island town have the option of walking up the winding stairways, taking a cable car lift, or riding on donkey-back up from the harbor.  though many travelers choose the donkeys for their "traditional" charm, wide reports of abusive conditions and animal cruelty have plagued the practice of the mule taxi service.  extreme overwork, animal violence, and undernourishment are only a few of the offenses animal activists and laypeople tourists have reported in recent years. 

though steve and i look forward to enjoying many of old-fashioned the traditions of the island (such as our cave dwelling hotel in oia), we will be choosing the cable car service over the mule taxis... or maybe if we're feeling extra rugged after being cooped up on the long ferry ride, we'll hike the 600 steps ourselves.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

two things

1.  i am unabashedly obsessed with george w. bush's paintings
there are so many reasons why that this topic will probably need it's own post.  before i launch into a wall of text about art culture, aesthetics, the internet, social psychology, fame and personal/impersonal identity let's move on.

2.  if you're going to call yourself a yogi can you please watch this documentary first?
i don't like telling people what to do and far be it from me to play cultural appropriation police, particularly in a realm as ambiguously nuanced as the relationship between americanized yoga and eastern religions, but it's tough not to cringe when a chick in lulu lemons inadvertently compares herself to an ancient saint just because another chick in lulu lemons told her the definition of the word 'asana' once at the YMCA.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

hair! (not the nudist musical)

now that we're actually planning a real live wedding, i feel like anybody who follows me on pinterest knows exactly where my head is at every step of the process.  speaking of where my head is going to be (hopefully on top of my neck) the latest decision making process has involved selecting a hairdo.

i've been growing out my hair ever since getting a pixie cut in february of 2010.  i'll admit i miss short hair (my favorite style to wear is a layered bob) but since committing to growing a long mane for maximum updo options it's finally coming down to the moment of truth.

you can probably tell that there's something of a pattern among the options i like the most.  since our wedding is a bit of a mad men / rat pack era vintage night club theme i like the modified victory roll combined with the embellished pin curls.  i've never had my hair done professionally in my entire life (i was always the one doing my own and friends' hair for high school prom and such) so i'm awfully excited to play pretty princess dress up!

which is your favorite?

Monday, March 31, 2014

icy beach etc etc

saturday night we met my parents and my grandmother at marcos bistro in grand rapids to celebrate my birthday.  we hotwired a deal on a plush hyatt hotel room and decided to hit the beach sunday morning since the snow has finally let up long enough for us to make it to the west side of the state.

we had hoped the weather forecast of 55 degrees would prove correct (i know, foolish of us right?) but we still had our coats packed and enjoyed the sun while the chilly wind swept over the beach.  steve tested the icy water, and decided we probably shouldn't try swimming (ahahahahah).

on the whole we had a very fun weekend catching up with pals on friday, stuffing our tummies with family on saturday, and braving the cold in the name of vitamin D on sunday.

and now that's it's monday we actually HAVE gotten some of that 55 degree weather!  happy week starter!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

turning 24 and other things

{aries image}
it has been quite the time lately.  things seem so up in the air these days i'll admit i've been avoiding the blog a little because it's hard to know what's going on from one minute to the next.  while things haven't exactly settled around here (except the cold temperatures... they have settled in and will not budge) it's time to check in and announce a few things that we actually do know for sure at this point.

1.  my birthday is saturday!  steve and i are planning on heading out of town to the west side of the state to inaugurate me into my mid-twenties.

2.  we have officially booked our flight to greece and will be making a brief rome-antic flight connection in italy!  sadly we won't have much chance to explore, but at least we'll get a feel for the airport for when we decide to go back! ;)

3.  our wedding is less than six months away!!  woo hoo!

i'll leave you with that for now, but there's things brewing that i hope i get a chance to come gush about later!  happy thursday!