Wednesday, April 2, 2014

hair! (not the nudist musical)

now that we're actually planning a real live wedding, i feel like anybody who follows me on pinterest knows exactly where my head is at every step of the process.  speaking of where my head is going to be (hopefully on top of my neck) the latest decision making process has involved selecting a hairdo.

i've been growing out my hair ever since getting a pixie cut in february of 2010.  i'll admit i miss short hair (my favorite style to wear is a layered bob) but since committing to growing a long mane for maximum updo options it's finally coming down to the moment of truth.

you can probably tell that there's something of a pattern among the options i like the most.  since our wedding is a bit of a mad men / rat pack era vintage night club theme i like the modified victory roll combined with the embellished pin curls.  i've never had my hair done professionally in my entire life (i was always the one doing my own and friends' hair for high school prom and such) so i'm awfully excited to play pretty princess dress up!

which is your favorite?


  1. my favs are 1 and 4! cant wait to see your pick on the big day